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 Staff Application Guide.

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PostSubject: Staff Application Guide.   Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:35 am

Want to be apart of the Forum staff team? Or even the Endless-Universe server staff team? Apply by following this guide.
Note: In order for you to be hired you must have decent gramar.

Applying for: (What is the admin position you are applying for? Moderator, Mapper, Pixel Artist, or Programmer?)
Name: (What is your first name?)
Age: (How old are you?)
Gender: (Are you male or female?)
Location: (What country are you currently living in?)
Hobbies: (What do you like to do for fun? What are your likes, dislikes?)
Personality: (Describe your personality. Are you happy, strict, short-tempered, relaxed, ect.?)
In-game name: (What is the name of your main character?)
Level: (What is the level of your main character?)
How long you've played: (What version did you join Endless-Univesrse? If unsure, how many weeks/months ago?)
Number of hours on EU a day: (How many hours a day are you on Endless-Universe?)
Past experience: (Have you ever worked on any other games or private servers? If so, what was your in-game name and position on said private server(s)?)
Examples of work: (If applying for Mapper or Pixel Artist, upload/post links to images of your maps or pixels. If applying for Programmer, post links to websites/sources that you have created. If applying for moderator, eliminate this section.)
Explanation of desire: (Why should we accept your application? How could you improve EU?)
Closing comments: (Do you have any final words?)
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Staff Application Guide.
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